Warehouse Jobs

Type of Job – In most warehouses an operative will have the role of packing and dispatching items. This type of role also can involve some heavy lifting, depending on the warehouse setting. This can be a medium to low pressure job and operatives will always be expected to keep to deadlines.

Responsibilities – An operative needs to be able to work well as a part of a team, keep work areas tidy and communicate with other staff. You will also be responsible for helping others with their workload and answering to the supervisor.

Warehouse Supervisor
Type of Job – A warehouse supervisor oversees the work of the warehouse operatives. Their main role is to ensure inventory is kept up to date, records maintained and accurate packing and shipping arrangements are made – although this may vary from industry to industry.
Responsibilities – The responsibilities of a warehouse supervisor include supervising the activities of a warehouse. This will include managing the staff and giving them duties.
The job will usually also include the supervisor having to distribute customer orders to workers, keeping an effective workforce, motivating the team, arranging work schedules, boosting production line efficiency, coordinating with the rest of the company to ensure all workers are meeting business objective.

Forklift Operators
Type of Job – This is a type of driving job which requires accuracy and a good mind for health and safety requirements in a busy warehouse environment.
Responsibilities –Moving products, materials and tools within a warehouse. The items you would be moving will usually be heavy or bulky which is why it’s safer for them to be moved via forklift.
When shipments come to the warehouse, the forklift operator’s main responsibility is to collect and sign the items off, and then transport them to the correct place. Other responsibilities may include managing other workers, coordinating the actions of management, supervisors and their teams and loading and unloading items including materials into a designated area.

Preparing for A Warehouse Job
Warehouse jobs have a wide variety of responsibilities, and each role in a warehouse is there to ensure the smooth running of a business. Usually looked at as a ‘behind the scenes’ role, work in a warehouse is still a job where customer service and presentation are key.
You may be required to wear a uniform in your work (this usually means that you have to take care of it, ensure it is washed daily and kept smart). Although appearance may not be important in some industries, certain warehouses like their workforce to look like a team!
Protective footwear and other safety precautions may needed to be taken – warehouses are generally full of hazards. A sturdy pair of boots will keep your feet safe and gloves, goggles and hard hats may need to be worn too, although these may be provided by your company.
Warehouse work is very important and each role will ensure the smooth running of a business – if you want a job in a warehouse you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently and be willing to adapt to deadlines.