Retail Jobs

There are a great many roles in the retail industry, each with different rates of pay and different responsibilities. Working hours may also differ in different roles. Usually, qualifications don’t matter in some of the lower paid retail job roles but can be a requirement in some of the more responsible managerial roles.

Retail jobs may include:
Warehouse Workers
Sales Assistants
Store Managers
Benefits of Working in Retail
Develop New Career Opportunities

Retail jobs often have great training opportunities for employees to take part in. Not only can this boost your earning opportunity in your current retail position, it is also a great thing to put on your CV. When your next employers see that you have extra training, it shows commitment and additional skills, therefore boosting your opportunity to get a role with more responsibilities and hopefully more earning potential.

Room To Move Upwards
Progressing in the retail business is possible for anyone if they are good at their field of work. Depending on the company that you work in, you may be able to progress quickly from role to role, working your way up the company and finding more earning opportunities and interesting tasks which suit you better than a basic role did.

Good Hours
Although some warehouse or delivery jobs might be unsociable hours, most retail jobs i.e. office work or shop front jobs are good hours and will fit around most people’s schedules. Some retail opportunities might offer 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday work for a sales assistant, and then any weekend work might be offered to other employees. Any office work which covers the admin side of the retail industry usually offer normal 9 to 5 office hours.

Varied Environments
Working in retail isn’t just about being on a shop floor, although this is a very valuable role. Merchandisers for example are a very important part of any company and moving from shop to shop arranging displays in order to best promote products and boost sales is what the role primarily involves. Regional managers might visit stores or offices in order to check on marketing or sales strategies and warehouse workers are mainly responsible for distributing products to many locations. The main point here is you don’t need to become restless in your job – there is plenty of scope for moving around to different locations and shifting role responsibilities to keep your job interesting.

Work Perks
Employee discounts are one of the best perks a retail job can offer – if you love fashion and work in a clothes shop for example, you can not only get free clothes from the range of stock available to wear as uniform, you can also get great discounts for any other clothes you might want to buy. Some retail jobs also offer great incentives for making sales. These might be bonuses, gifts or time off – whatever the incentive, you can work towards it to make the most of the work you love.