Call Centre Jobs

Call centres, otherwise known as contact centres are the first place that people make contact with if they need their questions answered or complaints registered. These are not the only responsibilities of a call centre workers however, and the role can be very different according to the industry in which you work.

Call centre jobs are predominantly about customer service, so the roles found in all centres are usually Customer Service Representatives, Supervisors, and Contact Centre Trainers/Managers.

Customer Service Representatives – This type of role is the more ‘hands on’ style of job in a call centre. As a customer service rep, you will be in charge of making outbound calls to make sales or to upgrade customer services, or you will be responsible for answering and resolving customer queries with incoming calls.

Supervisors – Usually with experience in a contact centre, supervisors set targets and keep employees motivated to make sales or reach those targets. If a customer wants to speak to someone with more responsibilities too, they can speak to the supervisor instead.

Contact Centre Trainers – Mainly in charge of training up employees, helping with their problems and setting their own targets, a training manager will be in charge of motivating workers and helping with training techniques.
Call centres aren’t usually placed within a company but are in a separate location from the company itself. Hours of work may vary from part time to full time and rates of pay may also vary. In general, if a call centre job is placed in a sales type role and they make their target sales by the end of the day or week, they can earn commission on top of their hourly wage.

Benefits of Working in a Call Centre
Develop People Skills – It’s not a rumour that some people like to shout at people on the phone that work at call centres. Don’t look at this as a negative thing! If you can stay calm and professional even in the face of anger and rudeness, you are developing great tolerance skills – something everyone needs that ever works in a customer service role.

Possible to Boost Earnings – With targets to reach and goals set by supervisors and trainers, if you reach those weekly or daily targets you have the opportunity to earn more than just the standard wage that you earn hourly.

No Experience Required – With many call centre jobs, you can get trained whilst you work or you are trained within the first few days of being there. This means that there is no pressure to boost your CV, you can jsut take the experience from the call centre role to any other jobs in the future.

Good Training Opportunities – A variety of training programmes may be offered in your work, these may allow you to move upward in the company and therefore lead to a higher wage and more responsibilities.

Incentives – Christmas bonuses, the offer of cars and other gifts are offered in some call centres – if you’re good at it, you’ll be in with a chance of winning!